Currently thinking. My personal difficulties with the narratives of lack and disability prevalent in social/online discourse. But I can’t be judgmental because I have those narratives in my life too. Tension between the now/not-yet paradox of faith – Christ Jesus has come to give us abundant life now, but there are some things that won’t be restored/healed/delivered until Christ comes in glory.

How then to live in this paradox? What is the difference between an acknowledgment of limitations that produces freedom and grace, and a resignation that surrenders spiritual territory to evil principalities and powers? How do the current social discourses on disability feed into either? Where am I speaking and living with a paradigm of lack and inability, and why? What kind of fruit am I producing when I feed that paradigm, and how is the confession of my thoughts and speech shaping my own life? Am I aligning with what Christ says about me?

Vega @vega