Moved, and thank you.

A public thank-you to

I’ve moved fully to my own domain, I’m no longer posting here (; instead, continue to follow me at my blog or my M.B social media thread.

Many thanks to for hosting for a short little while. It was only for a few months, but they were important ones. If I hadn’t found M.B, I probably would’ve remained adrift on the silos of social media, ignorant of the Indieweb, for a long while yet. If M.B hadn’t hosted me first, I wouldn’t have regained the desire and drive to have my own domain/website again. In a way, M.B was a midwife to reviving my webmastering hobby, and continues to prompt my personal reflection and conversation on what social media means to me and what goods (and ills) it brings into my life.

Thank you, @manton and Keep up the good work; you don’t know what kind of impact you’re making on people.

Vega @vega