🎮 Now playing Sunless Sea, made by the folks who created Fallen London.

I’ve always loved the setting of Fallen London and the storytelling by Failbetter Games, so I’m enjoying Sunless Sea thoroughly. Its half-roguelike, half-adventure/RPG nature has been a point of criticism, but I like its slow pace and straightforward resource management aspects. Yes, there is frequent threat of death/game over, as is normal for roguelikes, but I’ve been able to manage survival quite well – much to my surprise. (My previous experience of roguelikes was FTL: Faster Than Light and the frequent, frequent game-overs frustrated me a little bit. I should try FTL again.) The early game experience is a bit slow with getting my characters off the blocks, but after doing a couple of voyages and returns to base and acquiring more money and resources, the pace picks up as my characters could travel to more locations and experience more stories.

As for the story… I play games for their stories, and Sunless Sea delivers in spades, which I’ve come to expect from the developers. Lots of storylines and lore that build on the Fallen London world. Absolutely delicious and delightful. I’m still playing this, and I think I’ve well and truly gotten past the “early game” section and am into the thick of things. I’ve yet to finish any major quests or achieve endgame states, so there’s much to look forward to!

In fact, this game has gotten me back into playing Fallen London… alas, there goes my productivity for the rest of the month!

Vega @vega